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Building a successful business is part of the American dream. Unfortunately, it sometimes becomes necessary to protect your interest in that business in a divorce proceeding. A family business is a valuable asset, and having an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests is a vital component of a successful divorce action.

the attorneys of the Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. are serving the family law needs of Gainesville and north central Florida. We have experience in property issues and divorce. We understand how important it is to correctly value a closely held business or professional practice in the divorce process. We will seek to protect your interests.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ensure that our clients are treated as favorably as possible in the division of assets. If you need to protect your interests in a family business during your divorce, contact us to schedule an appointment at our Gainesville office.

Division of professional practices and privately held businesses in divorce If your family assets include a privately held business, obtaining a fair business valuation is of utmost importance. Our lawyers are continually developing a network of independent experts in business valuation, finance, forensic accounting, pensions and related areas to determine fair valuation of businesses and business assets.

When both spouses have participated in the business, we examine partnership, LLC and shareholder agreements carefully, along with any applicable prenuptial agreements and other evidence to determine what rights each party has.

When only one spouse has been involved in the business, the other spouse's rights are determined by a number of factors, such as the length of the marriage, the role of the non business-owner spouse in the marriage, whether the non business-owner spouse supported the other during school, whether a prenuptial or marital agreement exists, and other factors. We can help you evaluate all relevant factors and build effective arguments for a positive outcome.

When business and personal lives are intertwined, we understand that emotions occasionally override rational judgment. We seek to provide a sound, rational perspective so you can make sound business decisions. We also understand that the emotional stress of a divorce between business partners has the potential to destroy that business.

Promoting long-term business success after divorce during your divorce process, our office can assist you with business succession planning, and updating your estate plan, as well as with the revision of your business's organizational documents as necessary. We can help you ensure that the rights of any children or others who stand to inherit your family business are protected. Our goal is always to protect the business in a divorce so it can accomplish our clients' goals.

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